1、What are the advantages and disadvantages of studying MBA aboard and at home?

2、Health is very important. Nowadays, people have little time to take exercise because they are busy. Please give us your point of view?

3、What is your success of leadership experience depend upon another person/or others?

4、What is your failure in experience, and what can you learn from this.

5、Describe the dilemma in your work, and how did you overcome?

6、What do you plan to use your degree?

7、Who is your best boss and who is your worse boss? And why? What have you learned from them? 

8、Describe something about yourself: strengths, assets, traits and things need develop

9、How did you solved the most important problem in your work ?

10、What’s your substantial accomplishment?

11、When do you want to give up? When you want to give up, what idea or motivation from others make you go on doing some staff?

12、Talk about a book you like, +why?

13、How do you deal with conflict?

14、How do you define success? what would be your dream/ideal job?

15、What can distinguish you from others?

16、Do you take initiative at work?

17、What will you do if you are not accepted?

18、How do you establish a good working-relationship with new people ?

19、What do you do in your spare time?

20、What’s your short-term goal and long-term goal?

21、What’s the failure in your work experience, and what can you learn from this?

What do you want to learn from studying MBA ?

22、Why should I accept you as MBA student? 

23、How do you motivate your team to succeed?

24、How do you release pressure /relax yourself in your spare time?

25、Who is your most respectable person? And why?

28、What will you do if you are not accepted this time?

27、Tell me one thing which can show your leadership.

28、How do you balance family and work?

29、What will you do if most of people oppose you in your work?

30、Please make a description of your alma mater. 

31、Which kind of people you dislike?

32、How will you cooperate with them if you must do it?

33、Which kind of people can be your best friend? And why?

34、What is your most regret thing? And why?

35、What will you do if you disagree with your boss?

36、If you are a boss of a company, what qualification you want your employee have? Why?

37、Which do you think is more important? Money or wisdom?

38、Which advertisement do you think is the most impresive in World Cup?

39、Do you think the elderly is paying more attention to the health than young people, and why?

40、Describe an example of "work smarter,not harder".